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Aerial Roof & Building Surveys

There are occasions when we are unable to physically carry out measured surveys. This could be due to safe roof access being unavailable, unless hiring in expensive access equipment, or if the roof coverings or structure are unsafe.  


On these occasions we are still capable of carrying out highly accurate Measured Roofing and Building Surveys by using drones from the safety of the air.

What will an Aerial Roofing & Building Survey provide?

Even using a drone from the air, we can still measure all the same dimensions as a physical measured survey and to the same high degree of accuracy.


We achieve this by using mapping enabled software applications which command the drone to carry out autonomous flight missions to capture hundreds of overlapping images of the roof, building or structure. These images are captured with the drone camera looking vertically down and also obliquely. This enables us to process the captured imagery using photogrammetry software to produce high resolution 2D Orthomosaics (where the overlapping images are stitched together to create one large image) and 3D Models and Point Clouds by including oblique imagery at the processing stage.  


Using this processed 2D and 3D imagery we are able to take off the required linear measurements on screen in a similar way as a physical site survey. Our software then conveniently calculates areas and volumes from these measurements saving valuable time. We can also annotate the imagery with essential information and even securely share the final results with our clients allowing them to also carry out their own measures and edits as required.     

In addition to the above, we are also able to export the captured imagery to create fully automated roofing reports including plan view roof drawings with measurements, calculated areas and roof pitch/slope.

Whilst creating the roofing report we also create full 3D Point Cloud Models and geometric DXF files which can be exported in our client's AutoCAD software for analysis and design use. This is particularly useful for Designers of Industrial Sheeting & Cladding and Rooftop Solar Panel Installations. 

​​What are the main advantages of aerial measured roof and building surveys using a drone?

  • Safer than by any other means available.

  • Faster than by any other means available; capture imagery in minutes and create roofing reports within hours  

  • Less disruption to the building users and owner

  • More efficient & economical than by other means available.

  • More Accurate than any other method of aerial image capture and satellite imagery. Less than 1cm per pixel resolution can be achieved if required using a camera with a 1-inch 20mp sensor.

  • Up to date imagery is captured at the point of survey which also provides a record of the current condition of the roof coverings.


Using all the above information we can create a Bill of Quantities or Schedule of Works ready for pricing by your chosen roofing contractor. Alternatively provide the essential data required by other Construction Professionals enabling them to meet their project objectives.

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