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General Commercial Aerial Photography/Video 

Aerial Landscape Photography

In addition to our Aerial Inspection and Surveying services we are also able to provide General Commercial Aerial Photography and Video.

If we are already on site carrying out an aerial inspection or survey then we can provide this service at the same time reducing our costs and saving our clients money. 

What are the key benefits of using Aerial Imagery ?

The main reason aerial imagery is so useful and powerful is its unique viewpoint providing the following benefits:

  • ​High aerial imagery capturing the entire property and land.

  • Medium aerial imagery capturing all angles of the property, displaying its layout, feature and property line.

  • Low elevated imagery providing a unique and slightly raised angle of the property that typical property photography cannot.

  • Highlighting the neighbouring properties and surrounding area.

  • Highlight and showcase projects on a website and social media sites.

  • Safer, Faster and More Economical than erecting scaffolding or hiring other access equipment.

  • High resolution still imagery using a camera with a 1-inch 20mp sensor.

  • High resolution 1080p and up to Cinema 4K video imagery available.

Who would benefit by using Aerial Imagery?

We carry out General Commercial Aerial Imagery for a wide and diverse range clients throughout the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Examples of our main client base include: 

3D Visualisation Studios & Architects 

Combining aerial imagery with computer generated models of clients' proposed developments to create a more realistic wider perspective. Particularly useful at planning stage and during marketing.

Estate & Letting Agents 

Using aerial imagery to market high profile properties by providing potential buyers with the best possible viewpoint.

Business Owners & Contractors from All Sectors

Using aerial imagery to stand out from the rest in marketing and promoting their services and projects on their websites and social media.

Property Owners

Providing You with the Bigger Picture - Safer, Faster and Saving Money

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