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Roofing Inspections

Flat Roof Inspection
Loft Inspection
Industrial Roof Inspection
Slate Roof Inspection
Internal Flat Roof Inspection
Chimney Inspection
Slate Roof Inspection
Flat Roof Detailing

Regular and thorough visual inspections will determine the health and condition of any roofing system and will lead to early detection of problems, protection of assets, and maintenance of safe working environments for building occupants.

What types of roofs and roofing materials do we inspect?

We are qualified to inspect all types of roof designs; pitched roofs (including vertical/mansard areas), flat roofs (including protected membrane & barrel roofs), car parks, balconies and industrial roofs. Roof coverings inspected are usually constructed from: 


  • Natural slate

  • Artificial slate

  • Clay tiles

  • Concrete tiles

  • Metal slates/tiles

  • Felt membranes including Hot Melt Systems 

  • Single-ply membranes

  • Mastic asphalt

  • Liquid applied membranes including fibreglass/GRP  

  • Profiled Steel & Fibre Cement Sheeting and Cladding

  • Fully Supported Sheet Metal (e.g. lead)

Which components of a roofing system do we ensure we inspect?

All our roofing inspections are carried out to a set of procedures depending on the existing design and existing type of coverings. We use checklists to ensure these procedures are thoroughly followed so nothing is overlooked. Using our skills and experience we look for any defects however minor which are currently causing water ingress problems or may potentially lead to future problems. Examples of roofing components inspected include: 


  • Roof coverings to the main (or field) areas

  • Ridge tiles including mortar and fixings condition

  • Roofline Products - Fascia, Soffit & Barge Boards

  • Rainwater drainage systems (above ground)

  • Pitched Valleys & Internal Box Gutters  

  • Chimney Stacks including chimney pots, flaunching & flashings

  • Parapet Walls & Copings

  • Fixings & Flashings to profiled sheet roof coverings

  • Rooflights to all types of roof coverings

  • Flat Roof Decking checked for soft areas caused by water ingress or condensation

  • Condensation or Cold Bridging Issues within the loft space or rooms directly below the loft.  

  • Overall Pitched Roof Structure; we check externally and internally for any signs a roof structure may be sagging or spreading if unfit for purpose. We also check internally if purlins or any other roof timbers are sufficiently supported.

The objectives and aims of all our roofing inspections are to:


  • Determine the construction and condition of the roof coverings on the date it was inspected.

  • Identify any defects that require attention or are hazardous

  • Identify any items which require further investigation to prevent serious damage to the fabric of the building and defects or issues which may be hazardous to safety and where further enquiries are required.

In addition to carrying out a visual inspection, we can also carry out core sampling of flat roof coverings to determine the build-up of the whole system from decking to waterproof membrane if required.

All our Roofing Inspections are recorded using high resolution still or video imagery using the latest technology at our disposal.


Who would require a Roofing Inspection?

We carry out roofing inspections for a wide and diverse range of clients throughout the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Examples of our main client base include: 

Homeowners/Property Owners/Landlords 

Prudent and proactive property owners request periodic roofing inspections to ensure their property is well maintained, thus minimising the risks of disruption and high costs incurred when a roofing system fails. 

Roofing Inspections are also required in the unfortunate situation when the quality of workmanship of recently completed roofing works is in dispute and a 100% independent and impartial viewpoint is required.


Property vendors request roofing inspections to date record and provide evidence of the current condition of their property's roof coverings to estate agents and their clients.  


After a potential HomeBuyer has already obtained a RICS Home Survey Report or an RPSA Home Condition Report, they may have been advised or decide they require a separate inspection of the roof coverings by a roofing expert of their new dream home for peace of mind. We will provide a more specific and detailed inspection of all roof areas using the safest and most cost-effective method at our disposal. We will also include a visual inspection of the roof coverings and structural timbers from within the loft space if accessible.


Insurance Companies

A roofing inspection is required by some Insurance Companies on certain properties to enable them to prepare a policy quotation for a new client. This initial inspection will provide a date stamped visual record of the condition of the new policyholder's roof coverings at the commencement of cover to minimise the risk of a dispute should any future claims arise.     

In addition to the above, more and more Insurance Companies are requesting annual roofing inspections are carried out in order to maintain existing building cover under their terms of business. 


Loss Adjusters & Loss Assessors

When a roof covering has been damaged by storms, fire or any other reason, our services are often required to provide specialist assistance in our qualified capacity as roofing experts to give the best possible advice and recommendations.

Chartered Building Surveyors

We work closely with Chartered Building Surveyors providing specialist roofing inspections when required. 

Local Authority Asset Management

Facilities Management Companies & Other Contractors

Letting Agents

We provide roofing inspections for Letting Agents providing a date stamped visual record of the condition of their client's roof coverings at the commencement of a lease agreement. This information is particularly useful for both Landlords and Tenants with a full repairing lease agreement or for comparing to the condition of the roof coverings at the end of the lease term.     


We provide roofing inspections for solicitors and their clients whenever there is a requirement for visual evidence during a legal dispute. Our inspections will provide unbiased and impartial observations of the health and integrity of any roof coverings which may be in dispute. 

Following on from our on-site Roofing Inspection we will create a detailed Roofing Condition Report to provide our clients with the information they require to meet their objectives

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