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Measured Roofing Survey

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Slate Roof Survey
Flat roof Survey
Slate Roof Survey
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Roof Timbers Survey

In addition to carrying out Roofing Inspections at roof level we can also carry out a full a Measured Roof Survey at the same time. Or return to site if requested by our client after receiving our Roofing Condition Report. 

What will a Measured Roofing Survey provide?

We physically measure all dimensions of a roof area and heights of buildings using tape measures, measuring wheels and laser measures. Dimensions will include:


  • Roof pitch

  • Flat roof upstand heights & other crucial details

  • Rainwater outlet & soil vent pipe diameters

  • Rainwater Gutters & Downpipes

  • Fascia, Soffit & Barge Boards

  • Parapet Gutters and wall heights

  • Copings 

  • Pitched Valleys

  • Chimneys & other penetrations.

  • Structural timbers (if accessible) 

  • We will also measure sizes of existing natural roof slates if fit for reuse.      

Using all the above information we will create a Bill of Quantities or Schedule of Works ready for pricing by your chosen roofing contractor.

Which type of buildings do you carry out a Measured Roofing Surveys on? 

The same buildings where we carry out roof level inspections. Basically any roof area we can access safely and remain safe throughout the survey. For any roof areas we cannot safely access then we will carry out an Aerial Roof Survey, if feasible (click here to learn more). The following are typical examples of buildings which we survey but the list is far from being exhaustive:

  • Residential Properties

  • Commercial Properties

  • Factories

  • Warehouses

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Places of Worship

  • Schools & Colleges

  • Public Buildings


Who would require a Measured Roofing Survey?

We carry out Measured Roofing Surveys for a wide and diverse range clients throughout the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Examples of our main client base include: 

Roofing Contractors & Building Contractors

Facilities Management Companies

Chartered Building Surveyors


Local Authority Asset Management

Commercial Property Owners/Landlords 

In addition to carrying out a Measured Roofing Surveys we can also provide measured take offs from your printed drawings or from electronic drawings in PDF format and create Bill of Quantities or Schedule of Works

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