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Roofing Condition Reports & Audits

Lead Bay Roof Inspection
Pyramid Rooflight Inspection
Weathering Collar Inspection
Balustrade Support Inspection
Lead Flashing Inspection
Flat Roof Detail Inspection
Flat Roof Edge Trim Inspection
Flat Roof Upstand Inspection

Following directly on from carrying out a thorough Roofing Inspection we will generate a concise visual Roofing Condition Report containing our observations and recommendations providing solutions to your current roofing problems. 

What information will your visual Roofing Condition Report provide?

The report is produced to provide an impartial and objective opinion about the condition of the roof area(s) at the time of inspection.


The purpose of the condition report is to provide an independent and impartial assessment of the existing roofing/waterproofing systems and ancillary items including:


  • Analyzing and interpreting the captured inspection imagery and providing annotated photographic evidence of inspection.

  • Provide commentary on the quality of installation, workmanship and materials generally

  • Provide recommendations for both essential reactive and proactive remedial and refurbishment works.

  • Report any unsafe working conditions or potential system failures

  • Provide estimates on the remaining useful life of the roofing systems


The following conventions used in our reports are:


Major Concern: a system or component which is considered significantly deficient or is unsafe. Significant deficiencies need to be corrected and, except for some safety items, are likely to involve significant expense.

Safety Issue: denotes a condition that is unsafe and in need of prompt attention.

Repair: denotes a system or component which is missing or which needs corrective action to assure proper and reliable function.

Improve: denotes improvements that are recommended but not required.

Monitor: denotes a system or component needing further investigation and/or monitoring in order to determine if repairs are necessary.

Deferred Cost: denotes items that have reached or are reaching their normal life expectancy or show indications that they may require repair or replacement anytime during the next five 5 years.

Our reports will also include the high definition imagery (and video if required) captured during our Roofing Inspection. This imagery will be annotated with text highlighting any defects found making it clearer and easier for the reader to identify.

What course of action would you recommend after receiving a Roofing Condition Report?

The next course of action would probably be to obtain quotations for either proactive or remedial works or both depending on the observations and recommendations contained within your report. We would highly recommend using a Roofing Contractor who is a member of a roofing trade association for peace of mind. We would also recommend acquiring a minimum of three separate quotations so you can compare them against each other. 

After receiving your report if you have any questions we will always be happy to help and provide further advice if required

Being Specialist Roofing Consultants we also collaborate, assist and provide Roofing Condition Reports for other Commercial Drone Operators carrying out Aerial Roofing Inspections who require our extensive specialist skills and knowledge.


In addition to providing Roofing Condition Reports, we are also able to carry out Measured Roof Surveys enabling us to create quantity take-offs for estimating purposes.

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