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Construction & Demolition Site Monitoring

House Building Site
Flat Roofing Works
Redevelopment Site
Pitched Roofing Works

In addition to our Aerial Inspection and Surveying services we are also able to provide Construction and Demolition Site Monitoring using drones.

Why use a drone for site monitoring and management and what are the key benefits?

The main reason a drone is so useful for site monitoring is its unique overhead viewpoint providing the following benefits to both Building and Demolition Contractors:


  • A Different Perspective than just walking around a site. By looking at a site from above helps spot issues faster which could be otherwise easily missed. Any issues picked up on the captured aerial imagery can then be promptly inspected on the ground.

  • Faster than walking around a site.

  • Safer than walking around a hazardous site or unsafe buildings and structures, helping protect both Site Managers and Clients.​

  • Repeatability. Using regular autonomous flight missions we can provide a visual date stamped record of a site at any chosen time. The exact same flight mission can be repeated at regular intervals until project completion. These flight missions allow us to create High resolution 2D Orthomosaics and 3D Models and Point Clouds from the captured imagery in the same way we drones in surveying.

  • Improve Site Safety by identifying potential hazards and threats to employees' and sub-contractors' Health & Safety faster and before they have chance to escalate.

  • Identify Mistakes before they become extremely costly to rectify. The highly accurate and detailed processed imagery created can be exported into industry software like BIM, GIS and AutoCAD, enabling checks to be made from the early stages of construction and ensuring errors are minimised.

  • Speed up Decisions. By using the same process as in Aerial Surveying, annotations and measurements can be made on screen also enabling areas and stockpile volumes to be calculated. This vital information can be used by Site Managers to make crucial decisions quickly and more efficiently.   

  • Better Progress Updates. Using a custom Application Programming Interface (API) through a web browser, projects can be created to enable Clients, Directors and Managers to see, analyse and interpret the captured site aerial data. The date captured aerial imagery can be layered with other imagery such as construction CAD drawings, GIS imagery like Google Maps/Satellite etc. The layers can be stacked in any order, and the transparency of each layer can be adjusted for comparing which will highlight any changes over time. Markers and annotations can also be added and shared by all authorised project users. As a result, all involved in a construction project will be better informed and can make informed decisions without having to attend time consuming site meetings. 

  • Monitor Sub-Contractors. Using all the above data allows Site Managers to monitor sub-contractors' site progress and enabling them to verify the actual amount of works completed to date. This should help prevent any disputes when requesting stage payments as the captured data will hold a sub-contractor fully accountable​.

Providing You with the Bigger Picture - Safer, Faster and Saving Money

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