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Telescopic Mast Photography 

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There are occasions when we are unable to carry out aerial inspections or capture commercial aerial imagery using a drone due to; risks to Health & Safety and if impossible to fly a drone due to physical obstructions etc.


To overcome these constraints, K2 Surveyors are equipped with a high definition camera mounted to an 48 foot fully portable telescopic mast to still capture the required high-level imagery at a minimal cost.


Our mast camera can still achieve the same high quality imagery as our drone camera with a 1-inch 20mp sensor with the added benefit of a 40x optical zoom lens.

If we are already on site carrying out a roofing inspection or survey then we can provide this service at the same time reducing our costs and saving our clients money. 

The key benefits

Telescopic Mast Photography has several advantages over methods of capturing aerial imagery  

  • Portability - Equipment is easy to transport and can even be taken on public transport. Can be used anywhere the operator can safely stand with no restrictions.

  • Economy - For capturing imagery up to 48 feet above the ground (or a roof) we can't think of a more economical method of obtaining aerial imagery.

  • Ease of Use & Speed - Simply set up in minutes and shoot away! 

Who would most benefit by using Telescopic Mast Imagery?

We capture mast imagery while carrying out roofing inspections and also provide commercial imagery for a wide and diverse range clients throughout the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Examples of our main client base include: 

Estate & Letting Agents 

Using mast captured imagery to market high profile properties by providing potential buyers with an outstanding viewpoint at minimal cost.


Proud homeowners wanting to capture a lasting memory of their biggest asset and pride and joy, especially gardening lovers!

Business Owners & Contractors from All Sectors

Using mast captured imagery to stand out from the rest in marketing and promoting their services and projects on their websites and social media at minimal cost. Especially useful for Roofing and Driveway Contractors and Landscape Gardeners.  

Providing You with the Bigger Picture - Safer, Faster and Saving Money

Contact K2 Surveyors today.

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